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2012 Honda Civic

MSRP Range:$9,000 - $17,990
Car Rating
4.6 /5
Exterior (5)
Interior (4.7)
Space (3.9)
Power (4.5)
Control (4.9)
Provides comfortable driving experience
Efficient noise-proof function
Large trunk
The internal space is not that spacious
Slow response when steering
What's new
Mild styling
Improved fuel economy

The 2012 Honda Civic is a classic small car with a reputation for reliability and utility. In this article, let’s take a look at its detailed information.


The exterior design of the 2012 Honda Civic is simple and smooth, reflecting the modern style. The body lines are smooth, the front design is atmospheric, showing a sense of power. The front face uses a bold air intake grille and dynamic headlights. There is no doubt that the 2012 Honda Civic is designed to be both practical and modern. And the interior design of the 2012 Honda Civic focuses on comfort and practicality. The seats are made of upscale materials to provide a comfortable driving experience. To our surprise, it also does well when it comes to fuel economy. It is equipped with a highly economical engine, coupled with advanced fuel injection technology, so that fuel consumption is low. As a matter of fact, it is a solid and reliable driver. It is equipped with a smooth power output engine, providing enough and abundant power supply. The vehicle's suspension system has been carefully tuned to provide excellent handling stability and comfort. The handling is flexible, the steering is precise and the driving is very steady. What’s more, it offers a spacious and comfortable interior for both drivers and passengers. The front and rear seats are comfortable and offer plenty of headroom and legroom. In addition, the storage is also designed largely to meet the storing needs of the passengers and drivers, which shows that this is truly a practical auto. It also holds practical features that enhance the vehicle's convenience and comfort. It has touch screen information and entertainment system, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity function and other configurations to meet consumers' demands for practicality and convenience.


In summary, the 2012 Honda Civic is a practical and reliable small sedan. It has a simple and smooth exterior design, comfortable and practical interior, fuel economy, stable driving performance, spacious and comfortable interior space, practical configuration and excellent safety performance. Whether it's for daily transportation or family mobility, the 2012 Honda Civic is an option worth considering. If you're interested in economy, practicality and reliability, consider the 2012 Honda Civic. It will give you a stable and comfortable ride experience and practical performance.

Vehicle Model: 2012 Honda Civic
Type: Civic
MSRP Range: $9,000 - $17,990
Seats: 5
Drivetrain: Front wheel drive
Engine Type: Gas
Horsepower: 140 hp
Year: 2012
Brand: Honda
Cylinders : Inline 4