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1. Website Offerings and Functions runs the platform as a digital platform for advertising and research aimed at car aficionados, purchasers, and vendors. doesn’t directly deal in vehicles and isn’t involved in any dealings between the buyer and seller. Thus, doesn’t (1) vouch for or ensure any car or its transactions between seller and buyer, (2) handle payments or title transfers on behalf of any parties, or (3) hold, store, send, or supply any cars.
By using this platform and its offerings, you acknowledge and agree that isn’t accountable for any information related to third-party goods and services. This stands true regardless of whether you directly access these materials or uses them to deliver its services. This includes the accuracy of such third-party information and its relevance to your needs. Furthermore, bears no responsibility for the accessibility or functionality of any third-party websites.

2. Site Access and Utilization

There may be periodic disruptions to access on the Site or certain parts of it, or to the Services, due to essential maintenance, modifications, or unforeseen events like natural disasters, civil disturbances, wars, internet interruptions, and other similar occurrences. is not responsible for any interruptions caused by events beyond its control.
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3. Privacy Statement

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4. Protection against Claims

You commit to protecting and not holding (including its related companies, leaders, staff, contractors, and representatives) accountable, covering all expenses and attorney fees, from any demands or accusations initiated by a third party due to or resulting from (1) your engagement with the Site or its material, (2) the content you provide, (3) your breach of these Usage Terms, or (4) your infringement of any relevant laws or guidelines. Should there be any case or issue that requires you to protect us, has the right, at your cost, to take on the sole defense and management of the situation. You pledge to support our defense against these allegations. Without’s prior written approval, you should not conclude any dispute. Should be informed of any related claims, actions, or legal proceedings, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you.

5. Disclaimers

The website is offered “as-is” and “as available”. We and our associated service providers don’t provide any specific guarantees, whether directly stated or implied. This includes, but is not limited to, guarantees of saleability, appropriateness for specific uses, ownership rights, lack of disturbances, correctness, or that it doesn’t violate any rights. We, along with our service providers, do not assure that the site: (1) will fulfill your needs; (2) will operate consistently without interruptions, securely, or free of errors; or (3) will be trustworthy, free from harmful elements, thorough, lawful, or secure.
Given the inherent risks of the internet, we can’t ensure total security of information while it’s transmitted online or stored on our platforms. is not accountable for issues like mistakes, interruptions, delays, technological or network failures, unauthorized breaches, or alterations of user data. If you choose to download any content, it’s entirely at your discretion and risk. doesn’t vouch for the effectiveness, correctness, dependability, or any other aspects of the materials or services linked to or on the site. will not be held responsible for any negative outcomes, which could range from personal harm to death, arising from the use of the website, its content, or the behavior of its users, be it online or offline. Your usage of the website is solely at your own risk and doesn’t promise any specific outcomes from its use.

6. Liability Restrictions

We, along with our affiliates, officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, and service providers, will not be responsible or liable to you or any third party, whether under contract, tort, strict liability, negligence, or any other legal framework, for any kind of damages or losses. This includes, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, punitive, actual, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages, lost profits, lost data, or costs related to obtaining replacement goods, stemming from or linked to these terms of use or your ability (or lack thereof) to use the site. This holds true even if issues arise from bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or similar threats, no matter where they come from, and even if we’ve been notified of potential damages.

7. Third Party Services

The Site may have links to external websites, apps, or other offerings, such as social media platforms (referred to as “External Services”). does not control these External Services and is not liable for their content or actions. offers links to these External Services for user convenience without endorsing, monitoring, or verifying them. Users access these External Services at their own discretion. When accessing Third Party Services, you’ll be subject to that service’s terms and conditions, including its privacy guidelines.

8. Proper Behavior and Ethical Use of the Site

Kindly exercise good judgment and responsibility when accessing the Site. Abiding by the following guidelines is crucial for your continued usage of the Site and its content:
Legitimate and Lawful Usage. Ensure your use of the Site and its content (including all information present) strictly adheres to these User Terms, relevant laws, regulations, and any third-party obligations or restrictions. Do not promote or participate in any activities that might lead to criminal actions or result in legal consequences.
Safeguarding Security Systems. It is forbidden to exploit the Site to breach its security, meddle with its content, or unlawfully access the Site, its associated accounts, or any external computer systems, resources, or networks. The deployment or sharing of tools meant for breaching security, such as programs for password retrieval, hacking instruments, malware, or tools for network scrutiny, is expressly forbidden. Should you be found compromising system security, has the authority to disclose your information to pertinent third parties, law enforcement, or government bodies to aid in addressing the security breach.

9. Rights Regarding Intellectual Property

You’re granted certain rights under these usage terms, but they come with the following conditions:
·’s website features content that’s sourced, in full or part, from materials owned by, its licensors, or third parties. In any situation involving you and, all intellectual and proprietary rights linked to the website and its content belong to, except for any of your own content if specified.
·You recognize’s valid intellectual and proprietary rights in the website and its content. Your permission extends only to accessing, viewing, and downloading from the website, as allows. These terms don’t give you ownership or rights over such intellectual property, the website, or its content, other than the limited rights explicitly stated here.
·You can’t, either by yourself or using any device (like computers, tablets, phones) or software, tamper with, disable or bypass any copyright, trademark, or proprietary notices on the website or content. This includes any protection measures like digital rights management. You’re also prohibited from altering, recreating, or reverse-engineering any aspect of the website or its content.
·Unless explicitly permits it in writing, you’re not allowed to copy, share, save, reproduce, distribute, publish, change, showcase, sell, or transfer the website or its content. This also means you can’t blend the site or content with third-party elements, or use automated tools to gather data from the site. You must avoid any actions that could strain the website’s infrastructure.
·Commercially benefiting from, or modifying the website or its content, even for non-profit purposes, is forbidden. If there are tools provided by that let you showcase content on other platforms, you shouldn’t tamper with such tools or the protections they have in place.
·Don’t disable or interfere with any viewing technology for the website or content. Always display the content fully and clearly, and maintain access to all viewing features.
·Any future changes or additions to the website or content will be governed by these terms. Retain all copyright and proprietary notifications when using site materials. Using the site or its content in ways not approved by these terms is not only prohibited but could also infringe legal protections for copyrights and trademarks.

10. Modifications to Terms and Conditions holds the authority to revise and occasionally modify these Terms and Conditions whenever deemed necessary. Should there be any alterations to these Terms and Conditions, the updates will be displayed online with an accompanying update date. Your sustained use of the Site post any such changes signifies your acceptance. If you find the updated terms unacceptable, you should cease using the Site and its Services. also retains the right to change, halt, or limit access to any part of the Site without prior notification or responsibility.