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What If You Hit Someone With Your Car

Released Time: 2023-10-8

A traffic accident between a vehicle and a passer-by is a very serious matter, whether it is an accident or a mistake, we should know how to respond and deal with it. In this article, we will discuss the actions you should take when you hit someone with your car.


1. Stop the vehicle and remain calm

When a collision occurs, the first thing to do is to stop the vehicle and remain calm. Do not panic or panic, this will only aggravate the situation. Turn on the hazard warning light after parking to warn other vehicles.


2. Examine the injured and provide help

After getting out of the car, check the condition of the pedestrian who has been hit. If an injured person needs urgent medical attention, call an emergency number, such as 120, immediately to inform medical personnel of the location of the accident and the condition of the injured person. Try to provide the necessary first aid before waiting for an ambulance to arrive.


3. Contact the police

Whether the injured person is seriously injured or not, the police should be called in time. The police are contacted to record the incident, protect the rights of the victim, and assist in resolving the incident.


4. Provide relevant information

While waiting for the police to arrive, communicate with the injured and other relevant witnesses, and provide your vehicle and personal information, such as license plate numbers, driver's license information, and contact information.


5. Don't take the blame

Do not admit or speculate on liability after an accident, especially if the responsibility for the accident is not clear. Let the police and the insurance company investigate and judge to determine the responsibility.


6. Seek legal advice

If the accident involves more serious consequences, or there are disputes and disputes, it is recommended to consult professional legal counsel to understand your rights and responsibilities.